Laura G. Lee / Writing & Illustration


Laura Lee is a second generation Korean American author and illustrator of children’s picture books. With a background in architecture, Laura enjoys working both in traditional mediums of watercolor, color pencil, and digital design. Her work often touches upon themes of family, a child's innate creativity, and our search for connection.

Laura’s first book, CAT EYES, was published in 2018 by Ripple Grove Press (acquired by Chicago Review Press in 2021) and she is actively working on new titles. As an editorial illustrator, her work has most recently been featured in The Caterpillar, a magazine of poems, stories and art for children created by the founders of The Moth.

Throughout her career Laura has worn many hats as a designer, journalist, filmmaker, and public health advocate. She lives in a restored midcentury home in the Bay Area with her husband David, and her two kids Oliver and Sabrina.  

Storytime at The Reading Bug in San Carlos, CA.

Reading of CAT EYES at Books, Inc. in San Francisco, CA

Kindergarten visit at Chinese American International School in San Francisco, CA.

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