Thank you for visiting! I put together this page to share with you my passion for children’s picture books.

A little bit about me…

I grew up in the sleepy mountains of West Virginia where I spent much of my childhood outdoors gallivanting through verdant forests and trudging through creeks and fields. It was a neighborhood that feels increasingly hard to locate today- a wild, lush arena where children roamed free to explore, stumble often, and interact. It was during this time that my senses awakened to the wonders of the world and my own place within it.

Picture books embrace this period of awakening in a child’s mind. As language grows increasingly defined, the synthesis of imagery with words gives children the space to craft their own meaning. Picture books stimulate and shape the child’s imagination.

I spent many years as a professional designer (architecture and product design) before I returned to my early love of writing and illustration. A perfect day for me starts with an early morning walk through my mist-laden neighborhood, followed by painting, writing, tea, and chocolate.

I live in Northern California with my husband David and son, Oliver.

My mom, my sister and me. circa 1981.

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